Selling Yourself: A Designer One-Sheet!


A one-sheet is a must-have for many speakers, authors, and other personalities. Why is a one-sheet so valuable? This is a great way to “sell yourself.” You will not be able to sit down and talk with everyone that would like to book a speaker, lecturer, or entertainer for their organization or event. This is where a stunning, eye-catching one-sheet can land you the job.

Many individuals and companies that need one-sheets are usually quite good at speaking and communicating with an audience. One-sheets are often used by motivational speakers, authors, entertainers, comedians, and others. These people are great at “selling” themselves verbally. The difficulty comes in creating a visually appealing, brand identity that will quickly get their foot in the door. The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly rings true when it come to a successful one-sheet.

Perhaps the best investment that a speaker can make is hiring a professional graphic designer to make them shine! Anyone of these individuals can open a word-processing program and type up a lyrical and compelling pitch, but it still requires a skilled graphic designer to ensure that this well-written one-sheet sparks the viewer’s interest and finds its way into the hands of the one that books the speakers for an engagement.

In this blog post you will see a one-sheet that I designed for an author and journalist. She is using this to promote herself and find her way into schools where she can share her expertise as a professional with “up-n-coming” young writers. This bright, highly saturated one-sheet is designed to stand out and help to book her many engagements in the future. It will certainly bring her much more income than what she put into hiring me to design it for her. Like business cards, it’s a small price up front for tremendous returns down the line. That is a great investment!

For any assistance in creating a one-sheet, or any other graphic design and web design needs please don’t hesitate to contact Troy Kendall Designs.