The Importance of Brand Identity Design & Logo Design

Brand Identity Design is extremely important for every business, whether you are a small startup or a Fortune 500 company. Brand identity is a graphical representation of the company. Every successful business understands the importance of great design. To give you a “better visual” (pun intended!), below you will see my redesign of a rather simple logo.CODAKI business cards - before & after
I call it a “redesign,” but as you can see it is essentially the same logo–just modernized. The new design is sleek and the logo “pops.” You can see here the difference between a “Do-It-Yourself-er,” and a professionally designed logo.

Good brand identity design is always a great investment. Imagine if you were handed both of these business cards. Which would you contact? The one on the right of course! Investing a little in a good design can quickly pay off.

It is also important to take a little extra time and money to develop a design that is going to “wow” your customers. This particular company has 8 different entities, so we are taking great care to build an entire package. Each entity must be unique, while having a consistent look so that the public understands that all 8 entities are related under the same corporation.

The logo design is a building block for the entire look of your company. The graphic will be seen and recognized on every aspect of your company: business cards, letterheads, ads, websites, mobile apps, and so much more. Make sure that your design work is professional and makes a bold statement for you and your business.