Grow Your Business with a Great Logo

HOW ESSENTIAL IS A PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED LOGO for a start-up, or a small business?

Often times a well-designed logo is not on the top of the list for small business owners. Entrepreneurs are generally consumed with developing their product, or service, or even submerged in administrative tasks and can overlook an essential element of growing that business.

A Great First Impression
We all know that we are judged by our first impression: good or bad. Humans are primarily social beings…we cannot ignore this fact. So if people form opinions based on your first impression, then why would it be any different with your business? Your company logo will formulate an impression in the mind of your consumer.

Inspire Confidence & Grow Your Business
Are you professional? Trustworthy? Dedicated to excellence? Are you the best in the business? All of these questions will be answered in the mind of a potential buyer when they see your logo.


Here I have included a “before and after” of a recent re-design of a logo. The client contacted me to see what we could do to improve their look…and rightly so. The old logo does not inspire confidence, nor does it impress professionalism in the mind of potential clients.

Upon receiving the final re-design the client expressed to me a new-found motivation to grow his business.

Now, I’m not by any means, suggesting that this is the best logo to ever be created! It is however, a vast improvement that should grow his business by leaps and bounds. Not a bad return on investment…spending a couple hundred dollars on a good logo, and increasing a business’s profitability for years to come!

Contact us and let’s see what kind of impression we can create for you.